Spalding Accredited Schools

School accreditation is a voluntary process that signifies the school administration and staff are committed to increasing student achievement through ongoing Spalding Staff Development.

Accreditation provides evidence that the school staff has met rigorous external standards for The Spalding Method of language arts instruction. Spalding teacher training is accredited by the International Multi-sensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC) and the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) that focus on the essential skills and behaviors identified by the National Reading Panel (NRP) and the Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading.

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Adams Traditional ACADEMY

2323 W. Parkside Lane, Phoenix, AZ

Implemented Spalding: 2009
Accredited: 2013
Principal: Dr. Stacey Oates


Alhambra Traditional School

3736 West Osborn Rd., Phoenix, AZ

Implemented Spalding: 1983
Accredited: January 2002
Principal: Richard Stinnett

ben franklin-crismon.jpg

Ben Franklin Charter – Crismon

22120 East Queen Creek Rd., Queen Creek, AZ

Implemented Spalding: 1996
Accredited: January 2013
Principal: John Baker

ben franklin.jpg

Ben Franklin Charter – Gilbert

13641 S. Val Vista Dr., Gilbert, AZ

Implemented Spalding: 1997
Accredited: January 2008
Principal: Diana Dana

ben franklin-power.jpg

Ben Franklin Charter – Power

22951 S. Power Rd., Queen Creek, AZ

Implemented Spalding: 2006
Accredited: November 2009
Principal: Adrienne Lamb

chandler independence.jpg

Chandler Traditional Academy – Independence

1405 W. Lake Dr., Chandler, AZ

Implemented Spalding: 2006
Accredited: November 2009
Principal: Frank Hendricsen


Chandler Traditional Academy – Liberty

550 N. Emmett Dr., Chandler, AZ

Implemented Spalding: 2006
Accredited: November 2009
Principal: Beth Bader


Kyrene Traditional Academy

3375 W Galveston St, Chandler, AZ

Implemented Spalding: 2012
Accredited: 2017
Principal: Dr. Marianne Lescher

valley academy.jpg

Valley academy

1520 W. Rose Garden, Phoenix, AZ

Implemented Spalding: 1994
Accredited: 2004
Principal: Victoria Wilber



Kanab Elementary

41 W. 100 N, Kanab, Utah

Implemented Spalding:
Accredited: 2016
Principal: Braxton Bateman


Timpanogos academy

70 South 100 East, Lindon, Utah

Implemented Spalding: 2002
Accredited: August 2009
Principal: Errol Porter

Thomas Edison Charter — North

180 East 2600 North, North Logan, Utah

Implemented Spalding: 2001
Accredited: 2014
Principal: Shem Smith

thomas edison south.jpg

Thomas Edison Charter — South

1275 West 2350 South, Utah

Implemented Spalding: 2004
Accredited: 2014
Principal: Melani Kirk

valley elementary.jpg

Valley Elementary

110 E. State Street, Orderville, Utah

Implemented Spalding:
Accredited: 2016
Principal: Branden Jensen



Fort Caspar Academy

4100 West 38th Street, Casper, WY

Implemented Spalding: 1995
Accredited: May 1999
Principal: Richard Edwards