Spalding Certified Teacher (SCT)

A Spalding Certified Teacher is certified to:

  • Implement The Spalding Method in an educational setting (public or private school, reading or literacy center, clinic, or other)

  • Demonstrate and explain The Spalding Method to parents and/or teachers

  • Conduct group question and answer sessions for parents and/or teachers

  • Teach the Parent Introduction to Spalding course

  • Serve as grade-level leader as needed


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university

  • Completion of WRTR1 or MILA1 with a grade of “A”

  • A minimum of one year (300 clock hours) implementing the Writing Road to Reading

  • Completion of WRTR2 or MILA2 with a grade of “A”


Demonstrate proficient Spalding instruction in a public/private school or clinic for a minimum of 3.5 hours (five lessons) during one school year. A portion of the demonstrations may be on video with a minimum of one onsite. Directions for the observations can be found here or by clicking the button below. Observations to be scheduled as follows:

  • Send Video 1, and use the Demonstration 1 directions

  • After receiving feedback on Demonstration 1, schedule Demonstrations 2-5 (focus of Demonstrations 2-5 will be specified by the Professional Development Specialist)

  • Send the Practicum/Observation Fee with each video


Demonstration 1 (includes application fee) — $60
Demonstration 2 — $60
Demonstration 3 — $110
Demonstration 4 — $110
Demonstration 5 (onsite) — $110 plus travel

Maintaining Certification

  • Complete a minimum of 30 clock hours of Spalding-approved continuing education during each three-year certification cycle

  • Teach The Writing Road to Reading in an educational setting

  • Send recertification fee at the beginning of each year

  • Notify Spalding of changes in name, address, phone, position, or email in a timely manner