It all started with a desire to be able to teach ALL children how to read and write successfully.


Mrs. Romalda B. Spalding was well educated and an exceptional educator; however, she discovered that her preparation was not adequate for teaching ALL children to read and write successfully. She searched for a reading method that empowered children to become fluent, thoughtful readers and writers. She received guidance and training from the distinguished neurologist, Dr. Samuel T. Orton, a leader and specialist in helping dyslexic and other learning-disabled children.


  • University of Illinois, Bachelor’s Degree

  • Columbia University, Master’s Degree

Additional studies

  • Studied under Dr. Samuel T. Orton, distinguished neurologist, who specialized in helping dyslexic and other learning-disabled children

  • Mrs. Spalding tutored children under Dr. Orton’s supervision

  • Experienced more success with disabled children than her regular education students

Additional Experience

  • Massachusetts General Hospital

  • Children’s Hospital at Harvard Medical School

  • Public and private schools as a classroom teacher


  • The Writing Road to Reading, First Edition, in 1957, based on Dr. Orton’s techniques

  • First – Fourth Revised Editions of The Writing Road to Reading


  • Served on advisory boards of the Orton Dyslexic Society

  • Served on advisory boards of the International Montessori Society

  • Received numerous awards

Then in 1986, the Spalding Education Foundation was established in order to perpetuate the METHOD of teaching language arts.


Romalda established the foundation (now Spalding Education International) as a resource for Spalding materials, to perpetuate her method of teaching language arts, and to maintain the principles and procedures which have made The Spalding Method so effective. Spalding Education International (SEI) is a non-profit corporation. It offers courses that certify tutors, teachers, and instructors in The Spalding Method. Courses were held through contracts with schools, districts, and universities where on-site staff development was provided for schools that adopted the method as their total language arts program. Schools could also apply for SEI Accreditation.

Now, in an effort to advance the method even further and help even more teachers learn the Spalding Method, training courses are offered online.