Homeschool Educator course

The Spalding Method is the first choice of home schooling parents because it is a complete language arts program that is multisensory, sequential and explicit. Spalding Education International (SEI) has been serving home educators for over 50 years.

The Writing Road to Reading has the Curriculum Home Educators want:

  • Phonics 

  • Spelling 

  • Handwriting 

  • Reading 

  • Literary Appreciation

  • Vocabulary 

  • Composition 

  • Grammar 

  • Comprehension Strategies

Spalding offers Spalding for Home Educators (see below), an online course specifically created for teaching The Writing Road to Reading at home. 

Getting Started

  1. Administer the Spalding Spelling Assessment to your child to determine appropriate grade-level Teacher's Guide.

  2. Visit the Spalding Store to purchase the Home Educator Kit and sign up for the online course below. 

  3. Review FAQ page for more information.


Homeschool Resource Center

The newly developed Professional Development Center (PDC) will launch in summer 2019. It is a redevelopment and expansion of the current Teacher Resource Center (TRC). In addition, to current resources accessible in the TRC, the new PDC will include a library of 100s of videos, lessons, materials, and resources that are available 24/7 in a secure, organized online learning environment. This expansive library will help in the continual development, review, and improvement in learning, teaching, and implementing the Spalding Method in your classroom. Those signing up for courses in 2019 will automatically receive a full year of access to the PDC.

Full-year Access.png

$150/year ($12.50/mo)