Spalding Resource Center (SRC)

Our Teacher Resource Center (TRC) has been completely overhauled and is being made available to the teachers that have been through one of our Reading Foundations Courses (formerly MILA 1). The new Spalding Resource Center (SRC) is packed full of new and updated resources which will include a library of 100s of videos, lessons, materials, and resources that are available 24/7 in a secure, organized online learning environment. This is the perfect place for your teachers to get new content, additional training, course refresher videos, objective-aligned activities, and much more!

Individuals taking either the Hybrid or Online Reading Foundations course will receive a 1-year subscription included in the cost of the course, and those taking the onsite course will have the opportunity to purchase a 1-year subscription for a discounted rate of $125. Fill out the Registration Form at the bottom of the page.

$150 for 12 months  ($12.50/mo)

$150 for 12 months ($12.50/mo)

Early Bird Special
We are currently running a discounted early bird special of $125 through October of 2019 for those who have previously taken the Reading Foundations Course (formerly MILA I).

Current TRC Users
Those who have already purchased the TRC for this year, will be offered a discounted/prorated price to access the SRC when it launches later this year. If you do not want to upgrade, you may continue accessing the legacy addition of the TRC for the current year.